Ben Owden

As a published author, leadership development trainer, and workplace culture consultant, Ben Owden possesses a unique set of skills that allow him to work alongside leaders as they tackle the issues that plague our world today and work to serve their customers. With a wealth of experience in management across various industries, Ben helps leaders and their organizations become highly productive and innovative in order to overcome these challenges.

Armed with training in Human Resources, Data Science, and Theology, Ben has the ability to understand the complexities of personal growth, the formation and maintenance of cultures and worldviews, and the systems that sustain them. This has allowed him to successfully train and coach leaders from top organizations such as Good Neighbors, Tigo, G4S, Sahara Ventures, BIKO, CRDB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Vodacom, Ubongo International, Twaweza East Africa, among many others.

The focus in his work is to help individuals to understand themselves and then align themselves to their own purpose, and the purpose of the organization they lead, so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the world. This can only be achieved through hard work, self-reflection, and a deep understanding of one’s own psyche. He encourages individuals to embrace uncertainty and the unknown, as it is the only way to grow and evolve as a human being and as an organization.

In short, Ben Owden is a dedicated professional with a proven track record of helping leaders and organizations achieve success by unlocking their full potential and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Ben Owden
Goodhope Heaven

Goodhope Heaven

Goodhope Heaven known as Mshambuliaji is a Personal Development Trainer, Speaker, and Coach. He is mostly known in Tanzania for starting the movement MimiKwanza, which is Swahili for “Me First”.

MimiKwanza is an ideology that champions the ethos, “I will focus on working on and improving myself so I can bring my best self in all my engagements, work and personal. And I will be the first to take responsibility for the problems I see because blame compounds the issue at hand but positive initiative heals.

Goodhope’s experience in Bottomline Marketing has enabled him to know how to organize large groups into fun, memorable and meaningful experiences. He has served many brands and groups of people in the capacity of experiential events and training workshops; like TIGO, DSTV, UNILEVER, SAFARI, COCA-COLA, and Many More.

He has channeled his talents and experience toward helping organizations achieve their revenue targets by equipping their sales teams with the necessary skills, attitude, and zeal for results.

Jocelyne Msigwa

Jocelyne Msigwa is a Strategic and Innovative HR Executive, who can translate business objectives into strategic human resource initiatives that improve performance profitability, and growth, and enhance employee experience and engagement.

She is a passionate leader, and she shares about leadership and self-improvement through her articulate writing and in her podcast series – the Eagles Chat. She has worked as a trainer and coach at the University of Iringa and various youth centers over the years.

She dreams of a world packed with competent and purpose-driven leaders. She also plays a pivotal role in the training and mentoring of StartUps on Systems and Structure in various Accelerator programs.

Jocelyne Msigwa

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